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Want to keep your car looking brand new longer?

With paint protection film, you can say goodbye to light scratches & swirls, rock chips & road grime, and UV rays that fade your paint. Backed by our lifetime warranty!

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ultimate protection

PPF is oftentimes considered the best paint protection method.

increases sale value

Entire vehicle PPF will get posted onto your CarFax. Making it an investment.


PPF allows you to choose a matte or a glossy finish for your vehicles paint.

10-year warranty

We offer a 10 year warranty through SunTek

paint protection film
in jacksonville, fl

If you're looking for the ultimate paint protection option, then look no further than Paint Protection Film.

SunTek Paint Protection Film is scientifically formulated to create the strongest, most reliable layer of self healing protection against rock chips, minor scratches, dings, dents, insects, and other road debris. Its self-healing technology repairs markings made in the film with heat from the sun or an engine! Contact us over at Custom Kings to get started today.

our paint protection packages

clear bra

Perfect for front bumper protection from rock chips and dirt grime.

full front

For those who are more serious about protecting their investment with more coverage.

entire car

The ultimate paint protection option. Every panel covered in industry leading PPF film. *Available in both matte or gloss finish*

Asked Questions

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Is paint protection film easy to maintain?

Yes! Paint Protection Film is very low maintenance – all it requires is a periodic wipe down with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

How long does the protection film last?

The protection films we offer are made of high-grade polyurethane material and can last up to 10 years with proper care.

Can PPF be removed and re-applied?

Yes, the protection film can be removed and re-applied if necessary.

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Our team will answer all your questions. We ensure a quick response.

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